Bi-Lo Budget Saving Store Coupon Policies

Here’s our budget saving research on Bi-Lo. Bi-Lo is another one of those corporations that allows their stores some freedom about their coupon policy. As of last year, the following information was true, and I have reprinted it from a forum called slick deals:

Bi-Lo Grocery Store Thread ( SC, NC, Ga, Tn) Is Bi-Lo and Bi-Lo/Riverside Markets the same company?
No. Bi-Lo operates in NC, SC, GA, and Tenn.,and Bi-Lo/Riverside Markets operates in PA

What is the website for Bi-Lo and Bi-Lo/Riverside Markets?
Bi-Lo is BI-LO HOME PAGE @ BI-LO Bi-Lo/Riverside Market is BiLo Foods and Riverside – Home
New feature to Bi-Lo’s website is free samples. Log onto the website and follow the link.
This new feature is not available for Bi-Lo/Riverside Markets

What is the corporate phone number for Bi-Lo?

What is Bi-Lo’s address?

Mailing Address:
BI-LO, LLC ATT: Consumer Relations
P.O.Box 99
Mauldin, SC 29662

Shipping Address:
208 BI-LO Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29607

When does Bi-Lo’s ad run?
They run from Wednesday to Tuesday

Does Bi-Lo have a store card?
Yes they do. It’s called a Bonus Card. You can sign up at any Bi-Lo store, at the Customer Service Desk.

Do I have to have a Bonus Card or Wild Card?
No you don’t have to have one to shop at the store, but to get the sale items and promotion, yes you do.

Does Bi-Lo have their ads available online?
Yes. You can also make a shopping list from the online ad.

Does Bi-Lo have catalinas?

What is the coupon policy for Bi-Lo?
Each Bi-Lo has a different policy. I will answer this in general.

Bi-Lo accepts mfg coupons.
Bi-Lo accepts internet printed coupons.
Bi-Lo does not take expired coupons. You can print mfg coupons from Bi-Lo’s web site.

Does Bi-Lo double coupons?
Yes Bi-Lo does.

The following Bi-Los doubles coupons up to .60:
Franklin, NC
Summerville, GA
Anderson, SC
Chapin, SC
Chester, SC
Columbia, SC
Irmo, SC
Newberry, SC
Seneca, SC
Greenville, SC
Bradley County, TN
Hamilton County, TN
McMinnville, TN

The following Bi-Los doubles coupons up to .99:
Charlotte, NC
Lancaster, SC

Does Bi-Lo Triple Coupons?
In certain areas they do. (Please check with your local Bi-Lo)

Does Bi-Lo have a policy on how many like coupons they will double/triple?
Yes Bi-Lo will double/triple up to 10 like coupons

Does Bi-Lo allow you to use two coupons on a BOGO item?
Yes, you can use 2 coupons on BOGO items.

Does Bi-Lo accept competitor coupons?
Some may

Does Bi-Lo have store coupons?
Bi-Lo mails out store coupons and sometimes will have an insert in the Sunday Paper.

Are their store coupons available online to print?

Does Bi-Lo allow you to stack coupons (store coupon and a manufacture coupon)?
Yes you can use a Bi-Lo ONLY coupon with a MFG coupon

I hope this information allows you to get some great budget saving deals.


  1. Tia Dixon says:

    My name is Tia Dixon and I have been trying to find a smarter way to make my dallors mean more. I shop about two times a month for myself and my boyfriend and our two son. My mother and fatherinlaw live across the street and they come over for dinner twice a week. My father comes every other. My rtwo boys have six friend that are always over and love snakes and juice. I can’t seem to get enough popcorn and juice out. They play hard and eat fast. I have been really cutting and sorting every coupon i can get. I have been doing my shopping at krofer for 4years now and love the 10 for 10 and that they they always double coupons that are’nt over .50¢. But now i’m wondering who and when will triple my coupons. In looking for this I have come across some info saying bi-lo will bouble coupons up to .60¢. I’m thinking about doing my nexts shopping trip there to check out your deals and prices. Does bi-lo send out coupons? If so please mail me some at : Thank you

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