Budget Saving Thoughts


I was having a conversation with some women at church on Sunday while I was in the nursery. The topic turned to saving money (one of my favorite topics). I thought I would mention one of the things we discussed.

Someone mentioned that they don’t eat a lot of the food they can buy with coupons.

To be honest, I like to make everything from scratch, so I can understand that. However, you can still save money for health and beauty items, paper goods and some foods. there are coupons for rice, sugar, salsa, sauces, frozen vegetables, etc. Even though we never bake cakes for our family, I always get cake and frosting when it is on sale. This way when there is a potluck dinner, sick family etc that I am bringing a meal to, I am able to pull things out from my pantry and make them. The point is that I don’t ever want to pay full price for an item and in order to not pay full price, I need to anticipate my needs before they are there. I know that I will be asked to bring chips, cookies, cakes, and side items to parties and get togethers. These expenses would add up, but I just make sure that when I sign up it is for something I already have and was able to buy at the lowest price possible. It is just a change in my thinking and the way that I shop that helps our family to save money. Hope that helps!


  1. Joy says:

    I also like to buy the ‘stuff I don’t use’ and donate to our local food drives, give to neighbours … heck, some stuff never even makes it home, I’ve given it away already!

  2. Mandy says:

    Great Post!

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