Upromise – A Great Budget Saver

Upromise is a great budget saver that I have recently found out about. It seems awesome!! I am so excited about it since I have 3 kids that I hope will be going to college. You can sign up for Upromise through the icon on the right. Basically what Upromise is, is a way to save money for kid’s education. Grandparents can participate as well.

Upromise is completely fee to join. There are different ways to earn money for your kid’s education, but one of the ways is by using their coupons. These coupons can be used with any other coupons. What you do is present all of the coupons you would normally give the cashier for an item, plus your Upromise coupon. The Upromise coupon does not come off the total, but instead the $2 or whatever the coupon amount is goes into a savings account for your kid’s education.

Don’t have kids? That is not a problem, you can go ahead and save for them and add their names as recipients after you have them.

This really is an incredible program. When you combine it with other coupons, you are able to get free or cheap food to eat while at the same time using a coupon to save money for your kid’s education. You won’t get tons of money overnight, but imagine doing this for years. Even if you only save $10 a week for your kids, that is still going to be a ton of money by the time they are in college that you were able to save for them. I really wish I would have learned about this great program earlier, but now that I have, you can bet I will be using these as often as possible.

All you need to do to sign up is go to the Upromise icon on the right. It is completely free. You can always add additional kids as recipients if you have other children. Get your kids grandparents to sign up too so that even more money can be saved.

Here is a list of the Upromise coupons for education available now. You can use them at most stores and there is no limit to the number of coupons that you can use.

$1 for 4pk BIC Comfort 3 Advanced Razors
$1.50 for  BIC Soleil Bella Razors 3pk
$1 for  Blue Bunny Aspen Frozen Yogurt
$1 for  Blue Bunny Sedona Frozen Yogurt
$.50 for Bounty Paper Towels 6pk or larger
$1.25 for 3 Cabot Cheese Bars
$1 for Charmin Mega Roll
$1 for  Charmin Freshmates Wipes
$1 for Charmin Plus Lotion
$1.50 for Chiquita Bites Multi-pack or Family Pack
$1 for Chiquita Bites Singles
$.75 for 2 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
$.75 for Elmer’s Paint by Number
$.50 for Farmland Bacon
$1 for 2 Fischer Fusions Snack Mixes
$.75 for Glass Plus
$1 for Gold Bond Baby Powder
$1 for Gold Bond Products Various
$2 for Gold Bond Products Various
$.75 for Honey Bunches of Oats with Pecan Bunches
$1.50 for Huggies or Huggies Supreme Diapers
$1 for Krusteaz Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast
$.75 for  Lime Away
$.45 for Little Debbie 100 Calorie Cakes
$.75 for  Little Debbie Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
$1 for 2 Palermo’s Primo Thin Rustico
$.40 for Palmolive Pure and Clear Dish liquid
$1 for 2Post Kids Cereal
$3  for Similac Ready Feed Infant Formula
$.50 for Sister Schubert’s Rolls
$1 for Snyder’s Pretzels Specials 20 oz
$1 for Snyder’s Lunch Pack
$.50 for Spray n Wash
$1.50 for Spray n Wash Bright & White
$.55 for Sun Belt Hearty Grain Cookies
$.75 for Wacky Mac Pasta
$.50 for Wacky Mac & Cheese
$1 for 2 Weight Watchers Ice Cream
$1 for Weight Watchers Frozen Novelty

I am so excited about this opportunity. Any of you that have already signed up, I would love to hear how much you have saved. I know one of my friends told me about this. She has been saving about $1000 a year. What a great budget saver for college!


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