Budget Saving Couches


You guys may have noticed, it has been a little quieter on my blog the past couple of days. My hubby has been home from work, and we have been busy shopping for couches. It has been a lot of fun!!  We had bought a very inexpensive couch a couple of years back. (Well, I say inexpensive, but it was still $300-$400.) It looked very nice and we bought it to sell our house quicker, which worked by the way! Our WONDERFUL realtor, John McPherson with Coldwell Banker sold it in about a week, so money VERY well spent.  Having to leave the house all the time and be interupted is not my thing, so I wanted it to sell very quickly.

This time when we bought our couches, we wanted couches that would last forever. I wanted either a Lane or a Lazy Boy. I know they are expensive, but I actually have a lazy boy that is older than I am and still is really comfy and works great!

After looking around for a LONG time at LOTS of stores with ALL the kids in tow, we finally found a couch that we loved! YAY!!  BUT the price was more than we wanted to pay , and I did not care for the color. So, my husband said that he would be willing to pay a certain amount if we could get the color that we wanted and we might as well ask. So, he talked to them and we are now the owners of two new Lazy Boy reclining couches in the color and fabric that I wanted saving us aboutt 1/3 of the original price plus no fees!! YAY!! I can’t wait until we get them!!

That is someting to keep in mind whenever you are shopping. You don’t have to pay sticker price. A lot of stores are willing to negotiate on prices.  My husband is great at explaining why he thinks that he should get that price and usually by the end of the conversation they agree! He does his homework first and knows how much the same type of item sales for at other stores because he does not want to be unfair, he just doesn’t want to pay more than we should have to pay.


  1. Candace says:

    I know what you mean on the couch shopping they are so expensive it was either Broyhill, Lazy Boy, or Flex Steel this shopping trip we got a great deal and no interest for 18 months! So we have them almost paid off without breaking the bank in one trip it is great to do that way if you can :O

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