Back to Basics: How Do I Organize My Coupons?

Yesterday I shared an article about how to some basic principles to using coupons. Today I wanted to show you how to organize your coupons so they are always ready to go.

The best method that I have found for organizing my coupons is a 3 ring binder method.

I have a 3 inch 3 ring binder that I have filled with baseball card holder sheets. This way I am able to flip through pages of coupons and see what I have quickly. I go through my binder every 2 weeks after the 15th and the end of the month to take out any expired coupons. These coupons can also be donated to military families for their use. For information about how to donate your expired coupons, click here. My notebook is divided up into the following sections so that it is easy to find my coupons:

* Baby
* Baking
* Beverage
* Bread
* Canned
* Cereal
* Cleaning
* Condiments
* Dairy
* Deodorant
* Feminine
* Freebies/rebates ***
* Frozen
* Hair
* Laundry
* Lotion
* Meat
* Oral Care
* Over the Counter/Medications
* Paper Plastic
* Pasta/Rice
* Pets, Shaving
* Salad Dressing
* Snacks
* Soap
* Store Coupons

I keep my restaurant coupons in an envelope at the front of my notebook because I have found that they do not fit well into my baseball card holders.

*** I have a freebies/rebates section because I want to make sure that I use these coupons. These items might not be on sale, but it does not matter because I can get them for free. Not all stores accept free coupons, so check your stores policies before attempting to use these.

At the front of the notebook, I have copies of the coupon policies for all of the stores that I frequent. This way if the cashier is not aware of the policy or does not want to take a coupon, I am able to show them the stores policy. Also, I am able to keep my sheets for the weekly coupon matchups I have done at the front of the notebook, you will find these matchups by clicking on grocery stores and drugstores at the top of the site. This way I don’t forget to use a coupon with an item on sale. Using this organization method I am able to save at least 85% on food and health and beauty items. Oftentimes, I even get money back when I have finished shopping because the coupons were a higher value than the items I purchased, or I am able to get a rebate on an item I purchased for free. It amazes me that with coupon organization, you can actaully be paid to buy items, but you really can! The important thing is to stay organized and treat your coupons like money. Bring them with you wherever you go. I hope these budget saving tips help!

I have upgraded my budget saving coupon notebook since this post. For a couple of changes I made click here.


  1. Renae says:

    This is exactly what I needed to know! Thanks so much!

  2. Kim says:

    This is pretty much how I organize my coupons. My binder is a zipper binder, since I have one arm I am unable to use right now, with the zipper I do not lose anything. My husband did make an addition for me this past weekend, an expandable file to place the sales ad’s in with the coupons clipped to it. I also place store coupons in this file so I can see them when I pull out the ad. It works great. I agree that being organized definitely helps with maximizing the savings!!

  3. Stacey says:

    How do you organize the manufacturer coupons and the store coupons, like Target? Do you keep them separate?

    • Rene says:

      I have a separate page for store coupons, labeled store coupons. If they are for a store that rarely has coupons, then I just keep them in an envelope labeled store coupons.

  4. Stacey says:

    Ok, thanks! I’m new to couponing as you can tell :)


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