Ambleside Online Review

We have used this curriculum for literature, history and citizenship for several years. This is a classical, literature approach to learning.

My daughter really has loved this method of learning. She loves to read, and has really thrived using this curriculum.


  1. The curriculum is free to use and many of the books can be accessed free online.
  2. The books are classic, and if  you have a child that loves to read, they will really enjoy it.
  3. The literature includes books that Benjamin Franklin read and learned from.
  4. The depth of literature that you child will be exposed to, will be great.


  1. There is a LOT of prep work for the teacher. I would have to find additional activities and questions for each of the books that she was reading.
  2. If you want to know what your kids are reading, you have to read what your kids are reading. I was able to read some of her books, but definitely not all of them.
  3. There will still be some books that you have to purchase, but I don’t think that I ever had to spend money out of pocket. I always had more than enough Amazon gift cards via Swagbucks.
  4. Some of the readings can be dull for some people. I never really enjoyed the Plutarch stories that we read, even if Benjamin Franklin did love them.

I am not sure if this is a pro or a con, so I couldn’t decide which list to put it under, so I am just going to mention this here. The books that you read from are very challenging for the grade level. My daughter was reading Shakespeare, The Iliad and many books that I did not read until college in the seventh grade. She was fully capable of understanding these books. However, they could be difficult for me to read sometimes. So, in some ways it is good in that she has been exposed to quite a bit of literature that she has loved. Her reading comprehension on tests has always shown to be higher than most 12th graders. However, there are a few books that she did not enjoy, and that were probably too difficult for her to read. If you have a child who does not enjoy reading or struggles with their reading, this curriculum would probably be frustrating to them.

We actually are switching to Tapestry of Grace this year. As my daughter has gotten older, I wanted a curriculum that was more laid out, and had questions as well as taught a Christian World View. You can read my review of Tapestry of Grace here.

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