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Check out all the tomatoes that we picked yesterday morning! I am so excited to have to many tomatoes to can!! We will be making pizza sauce, homemade Rotel, salsa, tomato paste, tomato sauce, V8 juice, whole tomatoes, tomato soup & more with our tomatoes. I spent the entire morning picking and processing. I have taken quite a few pictures & any recipes that I don’t have up yet, I will put up sometime over the next couple of weeks.

I love growing my own tomatoes. We grow bushels of them each year, and it is so much fun cooking with them!! However, since we have to peel thousands of tomatoes, we have eventually found a way to make peeling them incredibly fast & easy!

How To Quickly Peel Tomatoes:

how to quickly peel tomatoes







First, we place the tomatoes into the freezer overnight. Since we are cooking with the tomatoes, we don’t worry about how freezing can change the texture of the tomato since it will soften when cooking regardless. Some people are concerned about lack of flavor after freezing tomatoes. However, we only freeze our tomatoes for 24 hours, they are freshly picked which makes them more flavorful than anything that you can buy in the store, and I have never noticed a decrease in flavor. Regardless, when you process as many tomatoes as we do, there is no time to peel each tomato with a knife. This method is super fast, and I LOVE IT!

how to quickly peel tomatoes







Next, place the tomatoes into hot water. When you do this, it causes the skin to fall off or come off VERY easily. You can literally peel an entire tomato in two seconds.

how to quickly peel tomatoes







Pick up the tomato and run your fingers along the side of the tomato applying a little bit of pressure. This will cause the skin to separate from the tomato if it has not already. This is VERY simple. Many times the skin will just fall off in the water.

how to peel tomatoes quickly







Just pull the skin off of the tomato. It will literally slide right off. Also, any imperfections will slide off as well. This means that if you have a spot of blight, you won’t have to cut it off, it should come right off with the skin.

how to quickly peel tomatoes






Pull the skin all the way off the tomato.

how to quickly peel tomatoes






Place the skinned tomatoes into a bowl to process. The skins can be used for compost or as chicken food if you have any chickens.


This really is a VERY QUICK method! I was able to peel a little over 20 gallons of tomatoes in about an hour today. Plus, only the skin comes off of the tomatoes, meaning that you get to eat the rest of the tomato. If you use a knife to peel the tomatoes, you will always take off some of the flesh of the tomato as well.

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  1. Great tip! I had heard about putting them in hot water but I hadn’t heard of freezing first. Thanks!

    • I love this method compared to just putting them into hot water. When you just put them into hot water & then shock them in ice water, the inside of the tomato can still be hot & burn you. Also, you have to work really quickly because as the water warms, the skins don’t come off as easily. But, when you have frozen them as soon as you put them into the hot water the skin loosens, so you have a little longer to get the skins off & can do more at a time.

  2. Michelle says:

    Great info! Thanks. I will be canning for the first time this year and I’m a little nervous about it! This will be very helpful.

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