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I have mentioned that our family takes supplements and herbs in the past. I really do believe that supplements and herbs can help maintain and heal your body. My daughter was able to stop taking her asthma medications (under a doctor’s supervision), and just takes herbs now for her asthma.


Today I want to talk about one of the supplements that I consider to be the most important supplement for my family which is probiotics.  There are SO many reasons that we take probiotics, and I can tell a big difference in my family when we do not take them. Since my family might not appreciate me talking about their digestive health . . . I will just talk about me. (-: After all, I am the one that is choosing to share information about my personal life with you.

What Led Up To My Need For Probiotics

When I was pregnant with our second daughter, I was VERY sick. I was not able to eat for six months. I had to have surgery when I was 21 weeks pregnant, and I was on antibiotics one week on one week off for at least half of my pregnancy. When you have pain medicine and are on antibiotics, this kills the good bacteria in your gut. After I had her, I really started having issues with my gut.

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria. These good bacteria are very important. There are so many studies about just how necessary it is. Did you know that serotonin which helps your mood, and helps you fall asleep is mainly found in your gut? Serotonin is associated with happiness, so everyone should really want a healthy gut. Much of your body’s immune defense is dependent on a healthy gut as well. Our guts hold a lot more than our poop, and we need good bacteria in our guts to thrive.

Before I took probiotics, I suffered from IBS and heartburn daily.  However, when I began taking probiotics, all of my digestive issues cleared up. I no longer have heartburn or IBS. I have actually run out of probiotic pill, and not taken them for two to three weeks in the past. However, after about three weeks with no probiotics, my digestive issues start to return.

When I started taking probiotics, I also noticed that I did not get sick as often, and just felt better in general. My children and husband would get sick, and I would be the only one to not become ill. So, I decided to start having my husband and older childrentake probiotics.

I talked to my doctor, and just give the children a smaller amount unless they have diarrhea or are on antibiotics. They did not all have digestive issues, but I think that probiotics are also important to a healthy immune system and the ability to have the amount of serotonin that they need.

Why I Want To Try Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic

I have done a TON of research about probiotics, and I have tried many different brands. Probiotics can be quite expensive. I have found a couple of brands in the past that I have really liked, but they are quite expensive.

When I talked to one of my friends who also takes probiotics daily for digestive issues, she said that she had started trying the Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic. My friend said that she had not noticed a difference between the really expensive probiotics that she was using and the Member’s Mark 4X probiotics. (She has used probiotics for YEARS, and can not go for more than a couple of days without using them.) So, I decided that if she was able to use them successfully, I wanted to give them a try as well. I am always looking for a way to save a few bucks as long as it does not adversely affect our family’s health.

So . . . I was super excited to be contacted last week about trying out Member’s Mark 4X probiotics. Seriously, it seemed meant to be. I had been seriously considering switching anyway, and being contacted to try them seemed like amazing timing.






Last week, I needed to pick up a few things items from Sam’s. So, I headed out with the three youngest kids (in the morning before naptime) to Sam’s Club to buy Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic as well as a few other items. My eldest daughter was spending some time with her friend, and my hubby was at work, so it was just the four of us.






The Member’s Mark 4X Probiotics was with the other probiotics that Sam’s Club sales. I had not realized that our Sam’s Club sold three different types of probiotics. The Member’s Mark 4X Probiotics was the cheapest of the three, and it was the one that was recommended to me by my friend, so I was VERY happy to see it was the cheapest!






I actually had several items that I need to buy. I had to buy chicken. This is something that I have not needed to purchase in quite a while since our family raises chickens, but until this fall, we are out of chicken. There were several types of chicken to choose from. I figured that Sam’s Club would probably have a cheaper price than grocery stores, and I was right.

There were several kinds to choose from. I went with the Members Mark boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I am used to cooking only whole chickens, so this was actually a splurge since it will be very easy to cook without having to cook the entire chicken and take the meat off the bones.






We were almost out of cat food as well, so I went to the cat food aisle to pick up the cat food. There were a couple of kinds to choose from. Lyn, our four year old loves pink! She is such a girly girl. She wants to be a queen when she grows up. So, she typically wears a crown all day long, and only wants to wear pink. She is so funny! So, she really wanted me to get the cat food that was in the pink box, but I went with the one that was cheaper. Our cats like both of them anyway. Above is a picture of her trying to convince me why pink boxed cat food is better than blue.






I picked up a few more items.






Other than the probiotics, I was the most excited to pick up the peeled garlic. I make pickled garlic because it is full of probiotics. (See I really am into probiotics.) And, usually I peel my own garlic and then pickle it. That takes HOURS!!! So, I am SO excited to have peeled garlic. I will be able to make the pickled garlic in no time. Yay!! Our two year old Boo will be thrilled, pickled garlic is one of her favorite things. Strange thing for a 2 year old to like, but she does. She has actually thrown a few temper tantrums wanting more garlic.






I tore an envelope in half and wrote my shopping list on it before we left. I gave the list to my 4 year old daughter, Lyn and the other half of the envelope to my 2 year old, Boo. It was such a great shopping trip! Do you have any idea how well a child can entertain themselves with paper! Seriously, try it sometime. There was no fussing, screaming, crying, fighting. Ahhhhh!!! It was SO wonderful!







At Sam’s Club when you leave the store, they check your receipt. The woman at the door was so nice! She drew 2 girls and a baby boy on the receipt for my kids. They were so excited about that. It was a nice conclusion to a very pleasant shopping trip. I love it when people go out of their way to be kind to kids! It leaves you with a good feeling.

I am going to be trying these new Member’s Mark 4X probiotic for a couple of weeks, and I will let you know what I think of it!

 There will be a Twitter party on September 7 where you guys can participate and win the product, or gift cards. 

You can check out all the pics from my shop at my this moment.
This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are my own, and have not been reviewed by another party. These opinions about probiotics are my own opinions. I am not a doctor, I have merely read quite a few medical journals and researched the use of probiotics as well as patient tests thoroughly.


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