Cookie Hands Made Into Turkeys

thanksgiving cookie turkey craft

My sister’s mother in law and my mom got the kids together for Thanksgiving crafts. My sisters mother ‘n law came up with this cute craft for the kids! She made sugar cookie dough, and we cut out the cookies in the shape of the kid’s hands. Then they decorated them as well! Many of them did not look like turkeys, but they sure had a lot of fun making them! Plus, I love any crafts with my kid’s hands.

thanksgiving cookie turkey craft






First, we cut out the shape of the kid’s hands.

cookie thanksgiving turkey craft






We had eight kid’s hands to cut out. We used a toothpick, since it was quick and easy to cut them out. Next time, we are going to cut out the shape directly onto the cookie sheet so that we don’t have to transfer it. It should make this easier!

turkey cookie thanksgiving craft






Here is what the cookie hands looked like on the pan.







The kids loved having their own hands to decorate!

This was a really fun Thanksgiving craft with the kids!

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