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oriental salad recipe


I love to cook AND I love to save money, so I am always coming up with new budget recipes in my kitchen.

Years ago I would follow recipes, but now I just enjoy playing around and seeing what types of recipes I can come up with based on what we have on hand. Cooking with food that you already have can be quite fun as you come up with new ideas about cooking.

pizza sauce recipe

Pizza Sauce Recipe

We grow quite a bit of our food, so most of the year I have fresh vegetables and herbs and much of the year I have fresh fruit which really does help our budget. I love coming up with canning recipes from my garden that I can can and enjoy throughout the year.

Split Pea Soup Recipe

Split Pea Soup Recipe

I love making budget recipes from scratch. My husband says that I usually cook enough for an army for each meal (which is true!) But, this way I have leftovers the next day for quick lunches, and I can other leftovers for quick meals on days when we are in a rush.

I love cooking all sorts of food! American, Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican . . . you name it, I will make it.

I try to make meals that are really healthy, but that also taste great and of course save money. My eldest daughter loves to cook just as much as I do, and has just as much fun playing around in the kitchen! I try to sprout my wheat and grind it.

I love garlic, onions and spices, so I use them in many of my meals. So, if you aren’t a garlic or onion fan, you might want to add a little less, but I hope that you enjoy trying out some of my budget recipes from my home to yours!

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side dishes:

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