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I love to can! Canning is such a great way to preserve your produce as well as provide quick & easy meals for your family. We usually put up 1,000′s of jars each year & have so much fun doing it! You can can just about anything. Think about what you buy in the store in cans, you should be able to can all of those items yourself as well. We can our produce, tomato products, stews, soups, jelly, salsa, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato paste and so much more.

Canning provides easy storage for your food, and allows you to heat up meals quickly for your family. When I make my soups, I make really large quantities. Then, I just can the leftovers. This way I only have to make soups a few times a year, but we are able to have soup whenever we want quickly by just heating it up. I have control over the ingredients and amount of salt in these soups as well. I love canning, and have plenty of canning recipes to share. I hope that you enjoy them!!!

How To Can:

For those of you that are new to canning, you can find out how to can in this post which includes a tutorial video. Then, go ahead and try some of these canning recipes. I am sure that you will enjoy them!

Canning Tips:

We can gallons and gallons of tomatoes each year. Here is the method that we use so that we are able to peel tomatoes very quickly. When you garden, you usually get quite a few green tomatoes at the end of the season. Here are some tips about what to do with green tomatoes. If you grow quite a bit of spinach, you can find tips for washing spinach quickly here. 
canning recipes

Canning Recipes:

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