BJ’s Coupon Policy & Visit

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit BJ’s and meet with some of their representatives. I had a really great time hanging out with some other bloggers and learning more about BJ’s. I must say that the reps did a really good job selling me on BJ’s. I have been before with my in laws but since I don’t have one very close by, I don’t get to go that often. However, after heading out there, I am thinking that it will be worth a weekly trip to head out to BJ’s!


BJ’s is the one big warehouse store that accepts manufacturer coupons! Plus, they will allow you to use store coupons. On products that coule be sold individually you can actually use multiple manufacturer coupons in addition to store coupons. So, for instance, you could buy a 3 pack of mouth wash and use 3 manufacturer coupons PLUS a store coupon. Here is a video from BJ’s about their coupon policy. I actually got to meet with one of the girl’s in the video, and she was so nice!













When you first walk into BJ’s, there is a big rack of coupons that you can find. I love that they provide the coupons for you there. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting your store coupons! You can just check them out when you first go into the store!







They carry over 80 organic items and over 100 All Natural items. Any company can pretty much say that they have an all natural product, but at BJ’s they have standards for whether or not an item can be considered all natural. And, I really love that!! You can see that they display their standards in the store and it includes no antibiotics, hormones etc.







We got to sample quite a few goodies! I think that I gained two pounds while I was there, but the food was really good! They even had these chocolate chip cookies with a chocolately melty center. Yum! Plus we had risotto bites, these spinach things, cookies, cakes and so much more. I love how you can buy one cake with 4 different flavors! You can do the same with cheesecakes there and one of their cheesecakes even has 14 different flavors!







They have these 3 packs of giant gingerbread men for only $9.99. That is a great deal since they come with all of the decorations as well! I only have 3 kids this year that can decorate these, so that is the perfect number for me. I love that I won’t have to buy tons of candy for them to use to decorate, and then we would have a lot of leftovers that they would want to eat. And, these gingerbread men are huge! They sent me home with some to try! We are going to decorate them tomorrow. (-:






Check out the table that they set up for us! Those are disposable plates and flatware that they sell, but don’t they look nice! They also had a box of chocolate caramel candy with salt on top. Yummy!!






We really enjoyed sampling all of their food. I can honestly say that they did not serve anything that I did not enjoy. It was all really good. As they talked about their buyers and products, you could tell that they took a lot of pride in the items that they sell, and really think about the items that are in their stores.







These HUGE Wholly Guacamole’s were on sale for only $3.49! I bought 3 of them and stuck them in the freezer since they freeze great! BJ’s gave us a gift card that we could use for purchases, and this is what I bought.






Here is a picture of Charlotte from Stretching Your Budget and I being a little silly with our crowns that they gave us at the food tasting time.







They had quite a few cheeses for us to try. My favorites were the goat cheese and the cranberry cheddar!








And, here is a picture of us with the reps from BJ’s. We had a great time, and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to go!








They have these Baby Cake makers that are so cute! They actually gave us a mini donut maker. I made some last night for my husband’s birthday, and we really enjoyed them!! I love that you can make them without frying, and they are small. You can make just a few and not have leftover cake, which is great since I like to eat it one time, and then get the calories out of the house!






They have really great gifts as well! I liked these mugs stuffed with Ghirardelli chocolates for only $5 a piece. You can’t even get the candy for that price! This would make great presents for teachers.

Overall, I was really impressed with the store. I told them I wish that there was one in Winston Salem. I am actually going to head back with my shopping list next week and see what kind of deals I can snag when I have more time to shop. I am looking forward to going back again!

I was given a gift bag and gift card when I visited BJ’s. I was not required to write this post for compensation, but chose to write it since I was really impressed with their store as well as their employees and I wanted to talk about their coupon policy. All opinions are my own and were not reviewed by anyone else. 

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Rite Aid Updated Coupon Policy

Rite Aid has updated their coupon policy. You can find their new policy here. There are a few changes, so you will want to print out this new coupon policy to add to your coupon notebook.

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Walgreens Coupon Policy

I had a question about Walgreens coupon policy last night at Bible Study. Well, they have now posted their coupon policy online. The question I was asked was whether or not a $4 manufacturer coupon should have been accepted for an item that was $3.99. The answer is yes. The coupon just should be adjusted down one cent. If you shop at Walgreens, I highly recommend printing out a copy of this coupon policy and bringing it with you when you shop. I know that some stores and managers are more helpful than others, and sometimes it is very helpful to have the coupon policy to fall back on.

You can check out Walgreens coupon policy here.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Rite Aid has a new coupon policy they have put out. It is great to have a coupon policy to print out and place in your coupon notebook when you shop. You are still able to use multiple coupons on one item. However, those coupons can not exceed the value of the item. We still should be able to get plenty of moneymakers with their Single Check Rebate and +UP Rewards.

The only other provision that I noticed that might be different is the use of identical coupons. You are no longer able to use an unlimited amount of identical coupons. The use of identical coupons can be used if the manager allows, and there is enough stock. I do appreciate the stock portion (I don’t think you should ever buy out a store.) However, there are times where you can get some great deals when you use 2 or 3 of the same coupons.

Overall, we are able to get so many great deals and freebies at Rite Aid, I think this is a great store to shop at. I would assume that most of their managers will be very reasonable.

Rite Aid – Coupon Acceptance

To Our Valued Customers:

Rite Aid gladly accepts the following coupon types as detailed in the coupon acceptance guidelines listed below:


Manufacturer Coupons

·         Manufacturer coupons are found in newspapers, magazines and even affixed to products. The UPC on these coupons begins with a “5.”

Rite Aid Manufacturer Coupons

·         Rite Aid Manufacturer coupons generally appear in our weekly circular, on our website and are sent to customers via e-mail. These coupons are labeled “manufacturer coupon” and have a UPC that begins with “49.”

Rite Aid Valuable Coupons

·         Rite Aid coupons are labeled “variable coupon” and have a UPC that begins with “48.”

Internet/Print at Home coupons

·         Rite Aid will accept Internet/print at home coupons up to the equivalent value of $5.00 off.

·         A Rite Aid coupon (with the Rite Aid logo) is NOT considered an Internet coupon (even if printed off the Internet) and is therefore not subject to the $5.00 maximum.

+UP Reward Coupons

·         +UP Reward coupons are special coupons earned by a customer in a prior purchase that can be used for any nonprescription purchase with a small number of exclusions that are listed on the +UP coupon. Multiple +UP coupons can be used (subject to the printed exclusions) up to the amount of purchase before sales tax.

Buy One, Get One Free

·         We accept two coupons for the purchase of two items that are on Buy One, Get One Free Promotion.

·         We accept a Buy One, Get One Free Coupon with an item that is in our flyer as Buy One, Get One Free, meaning both items are free. The cash register will compute any sales tax due, which varies by state law.

Total Purchase Coupons

·         Rite Aid may feature total purchase coupons which discount the total purchase amount based upon meeting specific requirements. For example, $5 off a $25 purchase price threshold coupon.

·         These coupons are accepted under the following conditions:

o   The coupon is valid and in date; only one total purchase coupon per transaction.

o   Total purchase equals or exceeds $25 before tax (before any coupons are applied).

o   Coupons for individual items can also be used including another “48″ coupon that is tied to an item in the transaction.

o   Provided the total of items purchased is equal to or greater than the purchase requirement, other coupons can be used in conjunction with the total purchase coupon.


General Guidelines:

·         Coupons must be valid and in date; Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.

·         Register will validate coupon through scanning or keyed entry of the coupon UPC number.

·         In the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Rite Aid will accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is allowed.

·         When making a return for a product that had a coupon attached, Rite Aid cannot refund cash for the value of the coupon and cannot return the coupon that was used.

·         Rite Aid reserves the right to not accept any coupon where the validity or the coupon cannot be established.

Multiple Coupons

·         More than one coupon can be used on the purchase of a single item under the following conditions:

·         All coupons match the item being purchased.

·         The total of the coupons is equal to or less than the selling price of the item before sales tax.

·         No more than one “48″ Rite Aid valuable coupon, one “49″ Rir,eAid Manufacturer coupon, and one “5″manufacturer coupon can be used on a single item.

·         Rite Aid may accept multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager’s sole discretion.

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Meijer mPerks Program

Meijer has a new program for those of you with texting on your cellphone called Meijer mPerks. You can sign up to receive text messages containing deal alerts from Meijer. Shoppers recently received a $10 off $50 coupon.

At checkout, you simply look for the mPerks button at checkout (on the bottom of U-scan or credit card machine screens) and select the button anytime after your first item has been scanned. The computer will then prompt you for your 10 digit cell phone number and the savings will deduct when you meet the criteria (in this case, a $50 total). You can see a description of how this works in pictures here. Plus, you can check out even more details on their website, here.

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