Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

homeschool curriculum reviews

I have been writing up homeschool curriculum reviews. There are so many different homeschool curriculums to choose from. This is wonderful, since every family is different. I have used, many, many curriculums over the years before finding the perfect fit for our family. I absolutely love what we are using now, and it works for our entire family, which I love.  We have also used great curriculums in the past.

With four very different children who have different strengths and learning styles, I have used different curriculums to aid each in their learning. Every family is a different size, and has different gifts and challenges, so the best curriculum for our family, may not be the best for yours, but I do want to share what I have liked about each of the curriculums that we have used.

It can be helpful to hear other people’s opinions of the curriculum that have actually used them, and since I have used so many over the years, I thought that it would be helpful for me to type up reviews of what we have used. I hope that these homeschool curriculum reviews are helpful for your family!

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews:

Here is a list of the curriculum that we are using this year for our 8th grader, Kindergartener, 2 year old and baby. 
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