Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is a great way to save money as well as provide your family with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables! I strongly encourage everyone to start an organic garden.

I love to garden!! Picking a ripe vegetable or fruit and eating it straight out of the garden, is so delicious! You can’t beat the taste. If your kids do not want to eat their vegetables, try planting a garden, and they may very well change their minds. My kids can not get enough fresh vegetables. Organic gardens really can help your kids to eat their vegetables.

Anyone can garden organically, anywhere . Seriously . . . even you! Trust me, I used to have a black thumb, and now I grow the majority of the fruits, vegetables and herbs that our family of six eat. If you are new to gardening, I have typed up a post about how to start an organic garden which answers the basic questions that you might have.

How Organic Gardening Can Work For You:

Lack Of Time or Space:

Many people think that they do not have time to garden. However, there are ways to garden organically, such as raised bed gardening and container gardening that require very little time and effort, which can be great for busy lifestyles. This type of gardening helps to prevent weeds, and you are able to grow quite a bit of produce in a small area.

I have helped people build raised bed gardens, and harvest quite a bit of fresh food for their families even only spending about 10 minutes on their garden most days.

If you have a lack of space, you can use succession planting to make your space count.

Strict Home Owner Associations:

If you live in a subdivision with strict rules about gardens, you can try landscape gardening. Landscape gardening can be beautiful! Rather than planting flowers, you can consider planting flowering herbs. One of my favorite flowers is actually the gorgeous purple flowers on sage plants. You can plant edible groundcover as well.

Tips For Experienced Organic Gardeners:

When you are planning your garden, consider how much produce you want to plant. You can use companion gardening to help your plants grow even better. Build a cold frame.

Dealing With Bugs Naturally:

Bugs are going to be in an organic garden since we do not use poison to kill them. However, there are methods that you can use to naturally control your bug population.

How To Naturally Control Slugs

Hot To Naturally Control Corn Earworms

How To Naturally Control Flea Beetles

To Save Money On Your Organic Garden:

I suggest growing many of your plants from seed. This can really help you save money! You can actually make newspaper pots to start your seedlings. These are so easy to make, and make planting so easy since all you have to do is tear off the bottom of your newspaper pot when you are ready to start planting.

You do want to be careful when you buy your seeds, that you purchase non genetically modified seeds. Here are some tips about how to tell whether or not your seeds are genetically modified. Seeds that are not genetically modified can cost a little more money, however, you are can save your seeds easily, which means you only have to buy your seeds one time.

Hopefully you will get lots of produce. If you do, here are some tips for processing produce:

How to quickly peel tomatoes


Canning Recipes

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