Free Sample Carmex


Go here to get a budget saving free sample of Carmex. Enjoy!  Well, I just got my e-mail and it looks like this is just a chance to WIN a free sample. . . Oh well, hopefully I will be a winner.

(Thanks, Shannon!)

BOGO Boston Market

boston market

Boston Market e-mailed me with the following budget saving information. I am not sure if homeschool teachers are included, but I have e-mailed to find out:

Back to School season is here, and Boston Market is looking to make this hectic time a bit more fun by offering all teachers and school staff a fantastic deal! Now through September 30, all teachers and school staff can receive a free meal with any meal purchase on weekends and 20% off meals and catering during the week. No coupon needed, simply present valid school identification at your local Boston Market restaurant.

The following link to the Boston Market Web site includes a flyer offering additional details about the promotion.  ( ).

Megabucks Today with Swagbucks

swag bucks

Today is megabucks Day at Swagbucks. Every Friday, you can win $10, $20, $40 and $100 Swagbucks. I do enough searches to where I win several swagbucks every day. As you know I absolutely LOVE swagbucks. I can’t believe that you can actually get paid to search online with google. It is an amazing program. I always get the $5 Amazon gift card for $45 Swagbucks. They also have a new program where you can get $5 via paypal for swagbucks. If you haven’t signed up yet, you really should! Just click on the swagbucks icon on the side. You get paid swagbucks just for signing up. For those of you who are already signed up, today you can win big! I LOVE SWAGBUCKS!! I can’t wait to cash in all my budget saving gift cards. I was able to get a lot of my daughter’s curriculum using the gift cards I had accumulated.

Reader Budget Saving Deal

photo credit: Smithsonium

photo credit: Smithsonium

Nancy wrote me this e-mail. I thought some of you may be interested in this as well. She did such a great job of typing this up, I asked if I could just post her e-mail. Please note, I don’t know that all Harris Teeter receipts will print this coupon, but hopefully yours will.
I have been getting this COROMEGA fish oil supplement for my little guys and I wanted to share this GREAT DEAL with you… We just ran out and so I was very HAPPY to find this deal… SAVE your Harris Teeter Receipt!!
This fish oil supplement comes in little packets like ketchup, and I just give one to each of my little ones and they LOVE it! To make this an even better DEAL, they have a ‘club’ that you can join for free things and once you send in  proof of purchase for 4 boxes (90 ct, which is a 3 month supply for one child) you will get a one month supply free sent to you. Now I get this at GNC for $34.95 (90 ct) ( cheaper then the Coromega website at $39.99) and I noticed on the back of the Harris Teeter receipts, they have a coupon for $5 off a $30 purchase OR $10 off $50 purchase… Also, when  I went to check the price of the fish oil last night  at my GNC, they have the reg 90 ct box with and additional 30 ct (one month supply) bonus box attached!
So if I did my math correct, I would be very smart to stalk up!!! It’s a great DEAL if you use this and I know it’s a bit expensive BUT, along with eating more fish and a more natural healthy diet, this is one thing I think is very important for OUR house!
Anyway…. I have the one proof of purchase already, so if I go out and get 3 boxes (with the bonus… it will be 4 for the price of 3 already) at $34.95 x 3 = $104.85 (already saving $34.95 just like that!) now using the 2 $10 off coupons it will be $84.85 … and then down the road, once I send  the proof of purchases in, I will get another 1 months supply FREE!!! …. So, according to MY calculations ( and I could be WRONG lol) I will get a 13 month supply for $84.85 rather then just over $150, Saving ME over $65… I LOVE that!!… oh PLUS the FREE sample I just ordered too!!! YahooOo!
There is a 25% coupon to use rather then the FREE SAMPLE if you choose, but I think GNC prices are better and perhaps if I  looked I may be able to find it cheaper yet somewhere else? I know there may be better ‘fish’ products out there and we have tried a few only to have it sit and spoil as my little ones did not like it as much OR at all.
Here is the link…
Oh….by the way!
I have saved a HUGE amount of $$ thanks to YOU sharing what you have learned, and I just wanted to say…THANK YOU!!
I can’t imagine buying ANYTHING without a coupon or for full price anymore. It AMAZES me to see what we are saving and what we used to buy at FULL price without a thought… hmmm…It’s a good thing you don’t charge royalties… teeee heee heee
Thanks so much Nancy for sharing your budget saving find!!

If you are new to couponing, make sure to check out my post here.

Hidden CVS Freebie?


Thanks to Mary for this budget saving tip. Apparently CVS’s 10 count tampons for $1.89 are printing out a $1.89 extra care buck as well. This is not an advertised deal, and I have not done it myself, but I have heard that this is working from several people. Let me know if you try this and it works for you!