$.99 Travel Games


I am really excited about this budget saving deal. You guys know I have been planning for our VERY long drive to Florida to visit Mickey! I have been trying to collect lots of things to keep the kiddos happy in the van on the way down. My hubby says, just let them watch a DVD. But, I remember as a kid, my mom always prepared our travel kits with all of this great stuff to do. We had so much fun with all of the games and activities she came up with for us. She kept some things up front with her as well. I really want to do this for my kids as well. Hence, the reason I have been collecting all of these free and close to free travel items for my kids.

The travel size Hasbro Hungy Hippoes or Connect Four are around $4.99 at Target. You can use the $4 coupon from the coupons.com bar on the right to make your total only $.99. I also found some other great finds on clearance at my store today. I was quite excited. My travel fun stash is slowly but surely growing! Enjoy your budget saving game!

$.99 Ice Cream

ice cream

Budget Saving Reminder: Friendly’s is still offering their ice for only $.99 through August 23rd, so there are still a few days left to get this great price. Click here to find a location near you. As always, I would call your store first to make sure they are participating before making a special trip.

Staples Teacher Rewards Card


I have seen all of these great sales at Staples. I knew that teachers could get a Staples Teachers Rewards Card and get increased limits on the number of items they could buy. I started wondering if homeschool teachers could get the same deal?? I called up their corporate office and talked to them about it. They were so nice and signed me up for my Staples Teachers Rewards Card. They said I can use my phone number in 48 hours to get those deals. The actual card takes 6-8 weeks to come in the mail. I am so excited about this. I would love to have had the limits increased on all the items I have been buying, but better now than later. If you would like to call and get your card, the number I called is 1-800-378-2753.  I also imagine that you could get the card in the store? I am not sure about that though. This is a great way to be a budget saving teacher!!

Coupons at Lowes Foods?

lowes foods

I have had several readers e-mail me about coupon booklets they have found inside of a back to school display at Lowes Foods. Apparently they have several $1 off coupons in the booklet. I am not sure if these are regional coupon booklets, or at all of the stores. Let us know if you find them at your store. and where your store is so that others can find them as well. I will try to get to my Lowes Foods as well. These coupons don’t expire until 12/31.

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic

school bus

Lowes Home Improvement is having another budget saving Build and Grow Clinic. I love these! They are just so much fun. On August 22nd, you can bring your child to make the FREE school bus above. How neat is that! You do have to pre-register and can do so here! Enjoy some budget saving FREE time with your kiddos!!