Free Bumper Sticker

Thanks to Wendy for e-mailing me about this fun budget saving freebie!! You can get a free bumper sticker or design your own bumper sticker from gliffik. I really want to do one for the website! If only I weren’t so computer challenged (sigh. . .). But, I am going to give it a try again today because I would love for lots of people to be able to come here and learn how to save money! It just seems really neat that you can actually design your own!  Enjoy your budget saving free bumper sticker!!

$75 of coupons

coupon note

Here are some great budget saving coupons. As always, I would use my freebie e-mail account when you sign up rather than your personal account. The survey they have you take is rather long before you get to the coupons as well.  Also, make sure you are using Internet Explorer so you don’t get through the survey and are unable to print the coupons. Clip -n-Go is offering $75 worth of printable back to school coupons. If you are wondering how I organize all those coupons, make sure to check out my post here.

Free Budget Saving Lunch Tote

photo credit: jamesjyu

photo credit: jamesjyu

Here is a great budget saving freebie. Hillshire Farm Meats is offering a free insulated lunch tote when you buy 3 packages of lunchmeat 8 oz or larger. I always need insulated totes. I usually bring our lunch when we go out, and I never seem to have enough. I also use them to store my yogurts and other cold items after I shop. Click here for details.

Free Appetizer at Longhorn’s


One of my favorite restaurants is Longhorn Steakhouse. I love the peanuts, onion and french fry appetizers. Well I love just about everything at that restaurant. The serving sizes are so huge, we can split an appetizer and meal on a date. Here is a great coupon, buy an entree and get a free appetizer at Longhorn’s. Enjoy a budget saving free appetizer!

McDonald’s Coupon


These coupon books are a good deal if your family eats these items. Included in the coupons are 3 free baked pies, 3 free apple juices or milk jugs, 3 free small cones, and 3 free apple dippers or small fries.  These After School Snack booklets are only $1. I LOVE coupons for free items!! Please note, these are only at select locations.