Fine Motor Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Here is a list of ways that we work on fine motor skills with our preschoolers. As you can see, these are just through activities that our kids would be doing on a regular basis anyway.

Fine Motor Skills

  1. Plan at least one fine motor development per day. You can use toys and other manipulatives.
  2. Use play dough to make shapes, letters, and holiday items
  3. Use scissors to cut lines, shapes and just cutting
  4. Practice with writing utensils. Use markers, pencils, pens and crayons. Be sure they are holding them correctly.
  5. Play with Legos at least once a week.
  6. Use blocks and small cars
  7. Lacing cards.
  8. Threading large beads.
  9. Sorting small objects. This can be done with cars or doll parts. Anything to develop fine motor skills.
  10. For boys, driving cars and trains on tracks…..for girls sorting, pouring, separating and lacing.
  11. Scooping rice with spoons and placing in a container.
  12. Working with pop beads or connecting beads
  13. Puzzles

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